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Text about postcolonial reality
Silent Green Text
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Forests Description
Queer Street Views
Book cover for Veturimiesten liitto (Finnish locomotive drivers' union) about their history, edition: 3500. Helsinki 2018
I point my camera at an old man shovelling snow. He points back at me, letting the distance between us grow. Rovaniemi 2017
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Poster Designs for Hochschultage 2017
Flyers for two exhibtions of Leonie Nagel
Another adaption of Ruscha's artist book, this time reflecting on visual grammar and its variations. Lead typesetting + various printing techniques, 2016
Du & ich was an experiment about visual conversations, performative processes and what it means to create content and form in an interactive synthesis. It was made as a part of a series of workshops and exhibition under the name "Artists as Independent Publishers" that took place in 2016 and 2017 in Bergen, Bremen, London, Stockholm and Vienna. Collaboration with Anna Rupp.
"We have no Plan B that is guaranteed to pull Europe out of the crisis. There is no ready-made roadmap in the pipeline, and we don’t agree on every question of European politics. We are however convinced that fundamental European convictions and a defiant “keep up the good work!” will not suffice in opposing the toxic Internationale of authoritarian nationalists and populist entrepreneurs. [...]" Read more
Nil Sans: Elegant, slim, stylish - for real aristocrats
Poster for Fresh Prints, Collaboration with Laura Wegner, 2016
Ficticious mini portfolio for Antonio Claudio Carvalho's work Zyklon-B
STORY - The Clown The Analyser Issue is a tale about two sides of a coin. Parabels, equations, solutions for the light-hearted reader. Silkscreen + digital print, edition of 25 copies.
A visual reflection on a chapter from Lászlo Moholy-Nagys book "Painting Photography Film" called "Die Schlagwort-Problematik optischer Gestaltung", dealing with issues of translation, visual narratives and matters of text and space. Budapest, 2015
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Handwriting is dead
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